September 13, 2016

Where does renewal start in your hometown?

Three local innovators share the personal stories behind their passion to renew their communities

Meet Erin Barnes, Marcus Bullock, and Stephanie Wright–three innovators who are creating renewal in their communities.

Barnes is the executive director of ioby, which stands for in our backyards. The organization, headquartered in Brooklyn but reaching across the U.S., empowers and supports individuals and groups to make positive changes in their communities.

Bullock is a Washington, D.C., businessman and entrepreneur who founded a tech company called Flikshop, which allows users to take their digital photos and turn them into postcards which are then sent to loved ones in prison. As a formerly incarcerated individual himself, Bullock now mentors other young men who are returning citizens.

Wright and her partner Tricia Sabatini used their passions to found Together We Bake, an organization in Alexandria, Virginia, that gives women a second chance by teaching them how to bake.

These three represent what’s at the heart of the Renewal Project and show how ordinary individuals can create extraordinary change in their communities.

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