July 10, 2018

Two middle schoolers kick off a U.S. tour to inspire volunteerism and youth empowerment

Follow along as the Project Kares: Coast to Coast team writes about their six-city journey across the country for The Renewal Project

Khloe Thompson, 11, and Jahkil Jackson, 10, make their Las Vegas tour stop—the second leg of their coast-to-coast tour—where they handed out bags full of essential items to homeless individuals.

Editor’s note: The Renewal Project is following two young change-makers who founded nonprofits that help those who struggle with homelessness. Eleven-year-old Khloe Thompson, founder of Khloe Kares; and 10-year-old Jahkil Jackson, founder of Project I Am, teamed up to form the Project Kares: Coast-to-Coast tour. Jahkil and Khloe are on a journey across the U.S. to provide homeless shelters with care packages and to teach leadership workshops to kids.

They kicked off the tour on July 7 in Los Angeles, where they joined volunteers and packed 120 bags for homeless individuals filled with daily necessities like shampoo and soap. In this journal entry, the kids talk about their stop in Las Vegas. Follow along as they visit more cities—from Atlanta to Chicago—here and on Twitter at @TheRenewalProj and on Facebook.

LAS VEGAS—We’re on the road on the Project Kares: Coast to Coast tour! My best friend, Jahkil Jackson and I are traveling across the U.S. on a bus. We hope to bless homeless men and women with care packages and to empower kids to start their own businesses.

Our first official stop was Las Vegas where we also had a lot of fun! We rode along the Vegas strip on our tour bus—the lights are always on! They were bright and people were outside at all hours of the night.

We noticed that as bright and fun as the city seemed, there were a lot of people in need strolling the streets. That touched our hearts! So this is what we did—we packed bags and started handing them out to the locals we saw. They were very gracious and sweet to us. We loved every bit of Vegas.

We also tried something new—zip-lining! I encourage other kids to step out of their comfort zone and do something new; it was very scary at first, but we learned that if we would have let fear lead us, we would have never experienced this thrill!

Now we are headed to Atlanta. It’s a 25-hour drive from Las Vegas. In Atlanta we will do a leadership workshop, stuff bags, and pass them out to Nicholas House, a nonprofit that takes in homeless families.

We will write more to tell you how it goes!

Khloe Thompson and Jahkil Naeem Jackson

Khloe Thompson started her nonprofit Khloe Kares to help homeless individuals in her Long Beach, California, community.

Jahkil Naeem Jackson is the founder of Project I Am, a Chicago-based nonprofit that helps homeless individuals.