August 29, 2019

What do people want to see more of on social media?

An informal survey from Allstate reveals that we’re all looking for a bit more positivity online.

Social Media is an integral part of life in 2019. But what do we want from it? Photo by Jakob Owens on Unsplash

Social media is a big part of people’s lives, but not always in a good way. That’s why Allstate did a quick survey of attendees at the Aspen Ideas Festival this summer. They asked “What type of content do you wish people would share more of on social media?”

Responses ranged widely, but we found a few answers that popped up repeatedly and thought should be noted.

The largest trend we noticed, is that people just want to hear some good news and stories to inspire them: “Stories of people helping others,” “Positive personal narratives,” “Good news, good deeds,” and a “spotlight on normal people making positive changes.”

A lot of people were concerned about the environment and hoped to see more news about it: “Nature/Earth,” “Positive content that betters the environment,” and “About the climate crisis.”

Many wanted to see more health content on social media, both physical and mental health: “Health awareness,” “Fitness and wellness,” “People talking about mental health issues,” and “More health related content, self care, nutrition + diet.”

Meanwhile, some others want inspiration on how to expand their horizons (literally) on social media: “Travel ideas,” “Friend adventures, travel inspiration,” “National Geographic,” “National Parks,” and “Travel ideas from locals.”

And of course several people said they’d like to see more photos and videos of puppies and other cute animals, which we can all get behind. One we really agree with? “More push to get people to volunteer.” The Renewal Project has you covered with evidence for why you should volunteer, and ideas to get you started.

Tell us: What do you want do you want to see more of on social media? Tweet your answers to us @TheRenewalProj or email us at and we can add your responses to our list!

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