February 20, 2018

Renewal Awards winner Lost Boyz makes appearance on Rachael Ray Show

Nonprofit founder LaVonté Stewart shares his story of compassion and commitment to his South Chicago community

LaVonté Stewart is a coach, teacher, and mentor to the boys and girls of Lost Boyz, Inc., a nonprofit that uses baseball and softball to help build community in his South Chicago neighborhood.

LaVonté Stewart has written that his hometown of Chicago has been in the news too often for the wrong reasons. Violence facing several communities in the city is sometimes all that makes the national news. And it’s affecting his community.

“You can go in a classroom anywhere on the South Side of Chicago, and ask kids how many people know someone who’s been shot. And probably every hand in the classroom is going to go up,” he said.

But he’s trying to change that by giving boys and girls in South Chicago a safe and nurturing place to turn—while also having fun and learning about healthy competition and teamwork. His organization Lost Boyz, Inc., provides school-age youth in Chicago the chance to learn and compete in baseball and softball, while providing mentoring and educational and cultural opportunities these students may otherwise not have access to.

He’s been sharing his inspiration with a national audience, including as a recipient of a Renewal Award in March 2017, and this week on the Rachael Ray Show.

Watch the segment below and you can still vote until Wednesday night for this year’s Renewal Awards, a project of The Atlantic and Allstate.