October 31, 2019

From losing a loved one as a young adult to finding new meaning through service

Indiana Allstate agency owner Tim Doud works tirelessly to raise money for charity and volunteer across the globe.

Indiana insurance agent Tim Doud was named this year's winner of the Ray Lynch Award, an annual prize honoring an Allstate agency owner or financial specialist who demonstrates excellence in both business and community service.

Having grown up on a dairy farm from the time he was 6 years old, Allstate agency owner Tim Doud is used to hard work. The 49-year-old—who operates three offices in the South Bend, Indiana area—brings this strong work ethic to his business and his faith. To date, Doud has helped raise over $773,000 for his charity work and has taken 54 mission trips to 16 different countries to help build churches, renovate orphanages, and distribute supplies and care items for children in need.

“Some people are called to go, some people are called to help, and some people are called to stay home and just pray for those who are going,” Doud told us. The devoted Christian is clearly adept at all three, but it’s his tireless commitment to volunteering that earned him this year’s Ray Lynch Award from Allstate.

The Ray Lynch Award is an annual prize honoring an Allstate agency owner or financial specialist who demonstrates excellence in both business and community service. Doud received a $2,000 grant from The Allstate Foundation for him to distribute to a nonprofit of his choice.

For nearly two decades, Tim Doud has been traveling abroad—54 trips to 16 different countries—to help some of the world's most vulnerable populations.

Doud’s journey to volunteering began with a tragedy. As a young man in his 20’s, he lost his fiance Beth to cancer, a diagnosis she received only months after the couple started dating. After rounds of chemo, Beth was finally given a clean bill of health and they got engaged on Christmas Day. By New Year’s Day the cancer was back. She died six months later.

“I tell people all the time. It’s either going to make you better when you go through those life situations or it’s going to make you bitter,” he said. “Thankfully for myself. I think it made me a much better person and I look at life a lot differently.”

It was in this period of his life that Doud began his mission work. Through his church, he connected with a group of young adults who served locally and abroad. He took his first mission trips to build church buildings in Puerto Rico and Jamaica. But it was on his next trip, this time to the Soviet Union, that changed his life. Doud joined a group to bring Bibles, books, and teddy bears to kids in orphanages.

“There was nothing that I had done up until that point in my life that was as rewarding as the joy you brought to these little kids that had absolutely nothing.”

Today, Doud and his wife Misti help other young people experience the joy of giving back. In 2016, they started their own nonprofit, His Hands and His Feet International, to support domestic and international mission trips.

So far this year, they’ve raised $293,000! They do it by partnering with a local barbecue catering and fundraising business Nelson’s. They help organizations set up events to sell its chicken, pork chops, and Amish fried pies. On any given Saturday in the South Bend area, Doud will have up to a dozen chicken fundraisers. “He is by far our biggest [fundraising] customer,” says Trent Gongwer, Nelson’s operations manager. “He keeps us busy”

Doud’s goal for 2020 is to raise $350,000. That’s a huge number, but he’s been at this for a while. For those just starting out, he recommends starting small. When Doud started the barbecue chicken events 15 years ago, they hosted 12 over an entire summer. This year, they’ve hosted 200 events. “You kind of got to fine-tune it.”

Doud has no intention of slowing down. He hopes to keep doing what he’s doing for at least another 20 years.

The Ray Lynch Award is dedicated to the memory of former Allstate agent Ray Lynch of Fayetteville, North Carolina, who built a successful agency around an exemplary record of community service during his 32 years with the company. Read past stories from Ray Lynch Award winners and finalists.

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