February 7, 2018

New year, new look

A note from the editor on The Renewal Project’s evolution

Since the launch of The Renewal Project in 2016, we have shared stories about America’s problem solvers. From nonprofit leaders who help create opportunities where there were few, to social entrepreneurs who saw a need in their communities and decided to fill it, we tell stories that inspire hope.

As we approach the third annual Renewal Awards, we continue to celebrate the hard work that makes communities stronger. In that spirit of evolution, we have embraced a new look befitting of our mission—a bold, refreshed identity that will also help us to amplify a shared purpose and increase awareness of Allstate’s role in advancing renewal across America.

“The Renewal Project is a way for people to experience firsthand Allstate’s commitment to supporting local change makers who are strengthening their neighborhoods block by block,” explains Allstate Senior Vice President for Corporate Relations Stacy Sharpe.

So we hope you take the opportunity today to experience our visual updates—after all, it is you, a strong and growing community that supports our pursuit of the values and beliefs of all things renewal.

Margaret Myers

Margaret Myers

Margaret Myers is the editor of The Renewal Project.
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