August 31, 2016

New Friend Request: 5 innovators you should follow

These change makers are giving homeless women dignity, providing housing for refugees, and spreading kindness across America

Here at The Renewal Project we are always looking for innovators who have a story of renewal to share. Sometimes we inadvertently find them in our timeline and newsfeed because, you know, social media. Get ready to like, follow, and friend request these people and organizations that are changing the world through their actions and creating local solutions across America.

Bike & Build (@bikebuild) takes volunteering to the next level. Through this organization’s service-oriented cycling trips, volunteers help build affordable housing and gain experience that empowers them for a lifetime of giving back.

Chelsea VonChaz (@happyperiodorg) is changing the world one emergency kit at a time. #HappyPeriod provides menstrual hygiene kits to homeless women who otherwise would not have access to these materials. VonChaz says: “This is my act of changing the world. This is my attempt at making another woman’s reality less of a nightmare.”

More than 300 volunteers in the city of Rochester, New York, (@CityRochesterNY) came together for a Day of Hope where volunteers cleaned up the community as a part of the city’s Mini Sweeps initiative.

Amr Arafa (@amraarafa) opened up the doors to his apartment in Washington, D.C., to refugees and domestic violence victims free of charge. And, thanks to Arafa’s website, Emergency BNB will help Americans across the country do the same.

Follow 10-year-old Leah Nelson (@becuzicare11) because this young change agent is leading a crusade to spread more kindness throughout the world, starting in her own backyard.

Top photo by Flickr user rpphotos


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