April 23, 2019

How small gifts are creating huge ripples in Jacksonville, Florida

A coworker's passion for crafting leads to a budding social enterprise that helps all kinds of people in need.

Hand Kreations 4 You provides homemade comfort items for organizations around the country. Photo from the organization's Facebook page

Editor’s note: From time to time, we like to highlight some of the lesser-known stories about people making a difference in neighborhoods across the country. In this essay, Brandice Choi at Allstate Dealer Services in Jacksonville, Florida, shares a brief story about her coworker who is doing her small part to help her community.

One day I found myself browsing the web for yarn for a coworker who I had heard made comfort items to donate. At that time, I did not know Mrs. Brevaldo that well, but it has been nothing but an honor to see her talent and generosity at work over the years.

With a slogan “making a difference, one hand creation at a time,” Ofelia Brevaldo does nothing short of that. She created Hand Kreations 4 You in 2005 as a group of volunteers who provide handmade items to nonprofits, including cancer support groups. They make crocheted chemo hats, baby hats, baby blankets, lap blankets, afghans, and beaded jewelry. Most of their chemo caps go to the American Cancer Society in Jacksonville, Florida, who then delivers them to oncology departments at hospitals and other cancer facilities. Kreative Creations also donates items to eldercare homes, homeless shelters, and organizations that support veterans.

Her creations are a renewal of faith in the kindness of strangers. Each item is crafted with detail, quality, and love. One would never realize the magnitude of artwork that can be created from yarn! Each item that Ofelia and her teammates make is truly a gift to its recipient.

In 2019, in addition to their donations to the American Cancer Society, they will be providing scarves to Operation Gratitude, which provides care packages for troops; hats to Adopt a Grandparent and Helpertunity; and baby items to The Ministry Inn. They also support the local Jim Dotson Foundation.

You can learn more on their Facebook page, where they generously send caps to people who request them directly. Check it out!

Brandice Choi


Brandice Choi is a Senior Client Relations Professional at Allstate Dealer Services. She's also an advocate for wellbeing and community involvement, serving as the Allstate Wellbeing Champion and Allstate Ambassador Super Star for the Jacksonville campus. Other campus involvements include Toastmasters, YPO, AWIN, AVETS, and 3AN. She leads a variety of volunteer efforts for both Allstate and the Jacksonville community. In her spare time, Brandice enjoys spending time with her family, running with the not-for-profit group PRS, and setting her own physical goals to push herself to be a better person all around.