January 23, 2019

Fourth graders had an idea for how to help a homeless shelter—Allstate brought their ideas to life

A project at a local homeless shelter empowered young people to serve their community in creative ways.

A group of fourth graders got a real-life lesson on the phrase, “everybody can make a difference.” When challenged with creating a new reality for the residents of a local homeless shelter, the kids sketched out their big ideas—a playground for families and a garden to brighten their days. Thanks to Allstate, they got to see their ideas come to life.

The very next day, local Allstate volunteers got to work on the shelter grounds. Using the students’ drawings as blueprints, they built a playground worthy of any kid’s dreams.

Their teacher Mrs. Lee was not surprised by her class’s compassion and creativity, but she was just as thrilled as they were to see the final results. “It’s not unusual for a teacher to ask a student to draw a picture of your dreams, what’s more unusual is to get to see it come to life.”

Watch how Allstate and Mrs. Lee’s students created a positive change in their community, in the video above. If you’re inspired by their story, pass it on and use the hashtag #GoodHeartsGoodHands.

The Renewal Project

The Renewal Project is Allstate’s platform to support local problem solvers who are strengthening their neighborhoods block by block.