August 29, 2017

Allstate honors teen with a billboard to amplify her mission of peace

Social Justice activist Mary-Pat Hector works to end gun violence in her Atlanta community

Mary-Pat Hector speaks passionately when it comes to fighting for social justice in her Atlanta community. The 19-year-old is so passionate about making a difference that earlier this year she even made a run for a city council seat in DeKalb County.

Hector was one of several young people celebrated for their community work on the annual WE Day TV special earlier this month on CBS. The program was produced in partnership with Allstate. (The Renewal Project is made possible by Allstate.)

On stage at the event at The Forum in Inglewood, California, she acknowledged the positive energy that keeps her going as a community activist. “Right now our country is fractured, but that’s not the end of our story; it’s only one page. And embracing our differences is the only way that we can unite.”

To honor Hector’s work in combatting gun violence, Allstate chairman and CEO Tom Wilson and employees of the company welcomed the teen to Allstate’s headquarters outside of Chicago. There, they presented Hector with a billboard promoting her mission of peace. “We need to reduce the impact of violence on youth because it robs them of hope; it robs them of their future. These are all our children,” Wilson said.

Watch a video of the unveiling of the billboard in the player above. And watch the full WE Day broadcast below.

The Renewal Project

The Renewal Project is an effort by Allstate to highlight, support, and celebrate ordinary people creating extraordinary community renewal.