March 7, 2019

A Compton nonprofit operates on a simple, but powerful, premise—to beautify its community

Meet the finalists for the 2019 Renewal Awards, a program of The Atlantic and Allstate. Five winners will receive a $20,000 prize from Allstate.

Editor’s note: Meet the finalists for 2019 The Renewal Awards. The annual program that honors nonprofits that are creatively solving problems in their communities is a project of The Atlantic and Allstate. This year, five winners each will receive a $20,000 prize from Allstate. Winners will be announced April 3 at The Renewal Summit in New York City. You can watch a live stream of the event, which begins at 9:30 a.m. EDT, on our Facebook page.

What started with a small group of residents eager to show love and unity throughout their community turned into a nonprofit that grew to thousands of volunteers of all ages.

The Compton Initiative was founded in 2006 with a mission to make a positive difference throughout its southern Los Angeles County community by painting homes, schools, and churches in partnership with individual volunteers and other organizations.

As a community, Compton has become infamous for its youth violence and urban blight. By engaging residents from all walks of life, The Compton Initiative is helping to bring a sense of hope to this city.

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“We serve the community of Compton—from schools to homes to churches and beyond. We unify volunteers from all ages and backgrounds quarterly to create an opportunity for them to make a meaningful impact, together,” Jeudy Mom, director of The Compton Initiative, told The Renewal Project. “Our services mean that if you want to make a difference in Compton, you have the medium and the support system to do it!”

When the nonprofit was established, the members announced a 40-year commitment to restore the city. So far, The Compton Initiative has beautified 573 homes, 372 buildings at 30 schools, 35 church buildings, 31 public spaces, and two medical clinics.

Each beautification event includes painting, debris removal, yard work, and graffiti removal at homes, schools, churches, and public spaces. The Compton Initiative brings together community leaders and residents who are ready to make a positive impact on the city, knowing that by coming together they can do more. Mom told us, “We’re not interested in creating temporary change, we’re looking to make holistic unity, love and respect staples of Compton.”

The Compton Initiative hosts quarterly events. They hope that their movement will continue to bring restoration to Compton.

“We’ll know we’ve succeeded when the community comes together in the tens of thousands to take control of their neighborhoods,” said Mom. “We started with hundreds and we’re already at thousands—we don’t have too far to go!”

Follow The Compton Initiative on Twitter @justdogood. Donate to the nonprofit here.

Danielle Moskowitz

Danielle Moskowitz

Danielle Moskowitz is a contributor to The Renewal Project.
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