July 1, 2020

8 anti-racist podcasts worth listening to

From storytelling to interviews, these podcasts aim to inform and deepen our understanding of race in America.

These anti-racist podcasts each address issues of race, identity, and American culture from a different angle, challenging listeners' assumptions and building a new understanding of this complicated topic. Photo by insung yoon/Unsplash

As Black Lives Matter protests continue across the county, anti-racist books continue to dominate bestseller lists. We’ve created an activism book list of our own as well as compiled additional anti-racist resources—from nonprofits to support to videos to watch. For those wanting to continue their anti-racist education or who prefer to learn by listening, here is a great starting point. This list is not exhaustive, and we encourage you to research and find even more podcasts that offer new resources and new perspectives.

74 seconds

In 22 episodes, the Minnesota Public Radio tells the story of the 2016 shooting of Philando Castile, believed to be the first police shooting to go to trial in the state of Minnesota.This Peabody-award winning podcast provides listeners with a deeper understanding of the race, policing, and the criminal justice system.

Code Switch

This podcast from NPR tackles race head on—as well as all the ways race impacts society, from politics to sports to parenting. The show is hosted by two journalists of color, Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby. The podcast, which launched in 2016, has recently climbed the iTunes charts. WBUR recommends diving into the show’s backlog for crucial episodes.


This documentary podcast from The Atlantic looks at the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and what the 2005 disaster says about the United States today. Hosted by Vann R. Newkirk II, the series includes the perspective of four New Orleans natives who survived the event but who are still dealing with the consequences of the governmental response.

Intersectionality Matters

Recommended by NPR, this podcast from the African American Policy Forum is hosted by Kimberlé Williams Crenshaw, a leading critical race theorist and the person who is credited with introducing and developing the concept of intersectionality. Each episode gathers a group of political organizers, journalists, and writers to have a dialogue about current events.

Come through with Rebecca Carroll

This limited-run podcast is billed as, “15 essential conversations about race in a pivotal moment for America.” Host and cultural critic Rebecca Carroll sits down with notable figures such as director Ava DuVernay, activist Brittany Packnett Cunningham, and epidemiologist Dr. Camara Jones.


Launched in April 2020, this podcast documents what it’s like to have a Black baby in the U.S. Featuring first person testimonials from parents, health care workers, and researchers, Natal works to provide key information and resources to Black parents.

Ear Hustle

To shine a light on mass incarceration, this podcast tells the stories of those currently involved in the American prison system, as well as those who are reintegrating into society. Produced in the Bay Area, the Ear Hustle team does a lot of reporting and production from the San Quentin State Prison’s media lab.

There Goes the Neighborhood

The Bello Collective, a publication about podcasting, recommends this WNYC podcast that tackles gentrification—how and why it happens. Each season examines the unique gentrification issues of a specific city, from Brooklyn to L.A. to Miami.

Caitlin Fairchild

Caitlin Fairchild is the Deputy Editor of The Renewal Project.
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