About The Renewal Project

Amer­ica is wit­ness­ing a surge of civic in­nov­a­tion where individuals and entrepreneurs are tak­ing the lead to find­ cre­at­ive solu­tions for the coun­try’s most press­ing so­cial and eco­nom­ic chal­lenges.

Through The Renewal Project, Allstate and At­lantic 57 are chronicling the social innovation taking place in communities across the country, as America renews itself from the ground up. We are determined to find and tell the stories of local prob­lem solv­ers—whether they come from gov­ern­ment, non­profit groups, small busi­nesses, or the community at-large. The Renewal Project celebrates innovation, resilience, and ingenuity across America.

Allstate and Atlantic Media have partnered since 2009 to bring attention to the middle class in the face of a recession. This partnership includes TheRenewalProject.com, reporting at TheAtlantic.com, The Renewal Series events across the country, The Renewal Awards, and the Allstate-Atlantic Media Heartland Monitor Poll.

Email us with your stories of renewal at info@therenewalproject.com.